Second Round VOTING: Best Candy

The first round was not very wild, but the second round is setting up to have some upsets. There are rumblings and signs that Junior Mints and the York Peppermint Pattie may both be in trouble. Are they about to bounce out of the competition? It is time for YOU decide by voting for second round of the Best Candy bracket.


Results and Second Round Preview: Best Candy

The first round voting is over and the results did not leave many surprises. A (non-major upset) was one of the storylines from the voting, but dive into the results and second round previews inside for some more insight into the first stage of the Best Candy bracket!

Best BB

Preview: Most Badass Breaking Bad Moment

Breaking Bad, sadly, is over in terms of new-television, but we keep its spirit alive with this thrilling bracket. It is time to find out what the Mos Badass Breaking Bad Moment really is. Will “Say my name” take the title in this contest, or will one of Gus Fring’s moments end up on top.


First Round Results: Best Play-By-Play Announcer

The bracket has been formed and now we find out which 16 play-by-play announcers move on to the second round. Take a look at all the votes, breakdowns and some videos, as our bracketologists take the first step of determining the champion of the Best Play-By-Play Announcer Bracket.